The ultimate payment platform

Process and accept payments in multiple currencies from 100+ banks globally, or choose one of our partner banks for full service acquiring.

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Join 20,000+ businesses

We help over 20,000 customers globally, big and small with flexible and secure payment solutions for their business.



Multiple payment solutions

Instantly process payments from any credit card, bank account or payments wallet, in all major currencies.


Keeping your data safe

Cloud Payments is Tier 1 PCI-DSS compliant, and protects your data with bank level security. Your data is yours alone.


Generate valuable insights

Make the most of the knowledge and generate valuable insights through real-time analytics and data-rich reporting.

Powerful payment tools and insights at your fingertips.

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Payment Processing

Accept major and alternative payment types across multiple regions through one platform. We make it easy for you to accept real-time online payments in multiple currencies from over 170 banks globally.

Subscription Management

Set up and manage recurring/ subscription payments from credit cards or bank accounts. Our reporting tools will help you optimise your payments, scheduling them to make the most of available IT resources.

Monitoring and Reporting

Watch your live transactions through our smart real-time dashboard and manage cash flow. Analyse payment data for insights on customers and declined payments, and generate reports.

The confidence of bank-level security

Trust is at the heart of all financial transactions. As a Tier 1 PCI-DSS certified Payment Gateway, we adhere to strict security standards.

Card Payment

Make it your own, with easy integration.

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Simple API

Plug in our API and start accepting payments. Choose REST API or Cloud.js and avoid the worry of PCI Compliance.

Full Control

Customise your checkout to reflect your brand identity and take full control of your payment process.

Versioned API's

We’ve made it simple to upgrade your API’s on your schedule. Without the risk of breaking anything.

Code Libraries

Supports any programming language or framework, and has a range of ready-to-go code libraries available.

Card Tokenisation

Securely store credit card data and generate unique tokens for your customers for recurring payments.

Shopping cart support

Connect your preferred shopping cart app to cloud payments in moments. We make the process fast and simple.

Cost effective payments platform